Your Speed Doesn’t Matter, Forward Is Forward

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I like to go the speed I go. I don’t care what speed other people go I just focus on myself. I don’t care what time I finish as long as I finsihed.

I ran a 5k a couple of Summers ago. I said to myself “I know I haven’t trained that hard, but I’m going to finsh this race.” Although I did finish 1st I kept telling myself to just finish the race.

My Dad and I were playing against each other in the football game on our PS4. The first time I played him I got beat and was really upset. The second time I played him I still got beat, but it was a closer game. The last time I played him I beat him in a close game. I could have quit the first game and said “I’m never going to beat him.” I kept getting better and better until I could finally beat him.

I could’ve just said when I was racing I didn’t train why am I doing thing. I honestly don’t care what place I finsih in. This is why speed doesn’t matter forward is forward.